CES 2008 신제품 카시오 디카 초당 60매 촬영 IT

Casio says its $1,000 EX-F1 can shoot up to 60 6-megapixel images in one second.

(Credit: Casio)

Casio is unveiling a radical departure from its basic point-and-shoot camera roots Sunday, the $1,000 Exilim Pro EX-F1 that the company says can shoot 60 still images per second or movies at 1,200 frames per second.

The camera has a 6-megapixel complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor and a 12x zoom range, the company plans to announce at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. When using the sensor at its full resolution, the camera can take up to 60 images in a high-speed burst, with different frame rates possible. For example, a photographer can set the camera to take 60 shots in 1 second or 5 shots per second for 12 seconds, Casio said.

Casio started touting the high-speed camera in September; it'll go on sale in March, ... Read more


  • -A2- 2008/01/08 08:24 # 답글

    수동줌 하이엔드라면 딱 제가 좋아하는 스타일이네요.
    디자인도 깔끔한데요.
    아하하 지름신 저리가라~
  • Truekang 2008/01/08 08:43 # 삭제 답글

    dslr을 잘 몰라서 그러는데, 초댕 60매라면 거의 동영상 수준아닌가요? 와.....
    디자인도 깔쌈한데 -_-;;;
    저 역시 지름신 거리가라~
  • 나니아빠 2008/01/08 22:18 # 답글

    초당 60매면 캠코더랑 같은 수준이지요
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